Create a FLEXIBLE schedule. In this article ️ Work on things you've put off Learn to meditate Keep exercising and eating well Get the right tools for remote work Set up a daily routine 1. If you’ve felt like the world has been throwing you too much to do right now, here are ten things you don’t need to do in quarantine—along with some passively productive things to do instead. The key word here is flexible. How’s everyone doing during quarantine? That meant that all Filipinos in Luzon would be required to stay indoors unless needed, to prevent the spread of the disease COVID-19 and to protect Filipinos. Sharing is caring! It’s also a really great time to get things done, while we’re stuck at home for the next few weeks. 30 Productive Things to Do During the Quarantine The“ enhanced community quarantine ” was announced for all of Luzon on March 17, 2020. ), this new set of productivity hacks may just give you a jumpstart on your baddest, best self, post-quarantine. Here's 9 tips to help you get ideas on how you can level up and how to stay productive during the quarantine. 508 shares. Wondering how to get more done during this time at home? *This post may contain affiliate links. Higher levels of anxiety or loneliness are totally normal but there are a wide variety of things you can do to enjoy your long weekend while staying productive and taking care of yourself. Productive Things To Do At Home During Quarantine Quarantine has been a great opportunity for many of us to step back, reflect and practice a bit of selfcare . ... During this national wide break, take a few days to learn a new platform and become active on it. Right now it seems that Tik Tok is the new wave, but you can always dapple in ones such as Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter if you haven’t already. You are an amazing person, and you don’t have to be some uber-productive entrepreneur during quarantine to prove it. Because your days may be stuck behind those four walls for a bit, we're taking a look at some tips to help improve your productivity during these trying times. 1. Tania Pescador, fashion & lifestyle blogger, gives us some easy tips on how to stay productive while quarantined. ... We've compiled 100 suggestions to help make your time quarantined as interesting – and perhaps even as productive – as possible. Here are 100 things to do during the quarantine. The Takeaway on How to Be Productive During Quarantine With Productivity Hacks Ultimately, we are all in this together and while you may continue “procrasti-cleaning” (and that’s okay! Here’s a list of 40+ things to do during quarantine that are productive! 15 Productive Things to Do in Quarantine. One of the biggest struggles people are having while being quarantined is staying productive. During such a time of uncertainty, it’s hard to focus on anything rather than the impending boredom of being in your house all day. It really is still hard to believe the unprecedented times we are living in.

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